Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Mountain Afghan

I've been getting more time in on the Mountain Afghan in the evenings now, which will be a perfect addition to our rustic house. I picture it draped over back of the sofa, which is a deep chocolate brown. I love bundling up under quilts on the sofa and crocheting when it is dark and chilly in these late fall evenings. I have my cup of tea, kitties on lap and dogs at my feet :)

And I'm immersed in the simplicity of the granny squares. Crochet has always had such a warm, cozy feeling to me. My grandma taught me a crochet chain, sc and dc when I was about 8. She lived in a cabin in the woods, in a small old village in Tennesse at that time. I remember she always called me Robin Lynn, maybe because it was more Southern... She passed away when I was in high school, and I then I inherited her hooks and sewing box, which is one of my favorite treasures to this day. The hooks rested for quite a while, but in recent years, I have started crocheting again. Last year, my Mom picked it up again too (who hasn't sewn in a long time). It's so soothing once the hook starts moving.

Grandma's sewing box

Different color choices make the blanket so rich. I'm using the same 10 earthy colors in different combinations, with a light blue border, alternating the sunburst square and granny square. I started it earlier this year, and on our Colorado/Wyoming trip this summer I finished at least 15 squares. I was so inspired by the colors in the landscape for the blocks. Now I have 36 squares done! Will keep posting updates on it when there is more! Each one is new color combination, which is the most fun part. Iko's favorite part is pouncing the yarn balls, and Jorellis likes to sniff and lick them :)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Puppy Play Day

We watched a friend's puppy this weekend, Lucy, a Great Dane mix. The dogs had so much fun. Muddy tracks all over the house and endless play time, it was a wild house. Our dogs, Phantom and Kiva, now 5 and 4, had to take turns playing with the puppy, she wore them out!  First, they played for almost 4 hours outside and inside...

 I like to charge the big dogs!

Dog pile...

We're so happy in our muddy paws!

Ok, time for a break...

I took the big dog's bed!

Then Aunt Kiva (our German Shepherd) taught little Lucy how to bang her bowl, and pout when she wants food (no-no!)

What a cutie!