Friday, April 29, 2011

Spring Home

I love the spring time with all the flowering plants and trees- so full of beauty, hope and new possibility.  Here at my house, I feel this energy stirring. I live in a small folk art/country-style house (sometimes I call it the cabin) with my wonderful boyfriend, and our animal friends: 2  dogs, 2 cats, and snake too. The trees are blossoming in the yard. I like to look out for robins dancing in the grass :) In the pic, is my cat Jorellis who always finds a charming way to get into what I'm doing. And that's my dog, Phantom under the table. I like all kinds of art and crafts, and I often get into sewing and crafts projects, which end up inspiring my paintings too. In spring spirit, I recently finished these delightful tropical quilt flowers and ribbon roses. I used the traditional pattern of grandmother's flower garden with bright fabrics, and floral centers inspired by our recent trip to Puerto Rico! I ended up making 2 sofa pillows with these, using batik prints for the background.

Right now I'm starting to work on a new mixed media painting, Kuan Yin Spirit. It's a small piece, in white, pastel blues, violet and pinks with ribbon roses. Will post pics soon! Also, I'm excited my new website is now up, check it out!

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