Monday, December 5, 2011

Holiday Decorating!

I love this time of year, our little house feels so magical after decorating. There was frost on the grass outside this morning. The sky is bright blue today and we have a holly tree in the yard with stunning red berries! So amazing and beautiful nature is in every season...

Inside I have transformed our country/cabin-style house into holiday spirit! First I made one large wreath and several mini cedar wreaths for the windows, using a simple wire circle and cedar branches from my neighborhood... I love how simple and natural they are. I used a coat hanger for the frame.

These raffia ornaments are inspired by the Scandinavian straw ornaments my grandma used to have. I'll post how to make these soon! They decorate the ficus tree perfectly :)

 Tiny characters all around! The gingerbread people are available in my shop at :)

I love how it looks in the morning light...

And in the studio, I'm cutting squares for holiday star potholders...

Happy holiday decorating! :)

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