Monday, March 20, 2017

Inspire- Spring

Happy Spring! Inspirations lately...

"Our greatest joy is when we seek to do good for others" - Archbishop Desmond Tutu

The Portland Home and Garden show, Orchid Society

A touch of spring in the garden....

"There are always flowers for those who want to see them" -Henri Matisse

In the studio...

More inspiration minis coming!  (This series of small originals are created in acrylic and mixed media on wood panel- Follow RPS Instagram  #inspirationminis for updates or visit the RPS Shop- Inspiration Minis to view all available for sale)

Minis in progress- Peace Mandala, Rainbow Mandala, All One, Giving, Bright Spirit

Sneak peek, new larger paintings:

 Creatrix, Mother Earth- in progress (a section)

Reflection, first sketch

Sewing/fabric followers, expect to see some new floral patchwork pillow patterns coming soon! The series will include rose, iris, lily, and orchid.

And... back to creating :)



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