Thursday, July 28, 2011

Travel/Nature Inspirations: Western States

So, I'm back from my summer travels, and I have so much to share!
First, we traveled through Utah, Idaho, Colorado and Wyoming. So many rich landscapes. We went through the Rockies, near the Tetons, and through so many beautiful mountain towns.

Reminds me of this house in the evergreens table runner I made last year. The pattern is now available in my Craftsy shop!

New color palettes for the mountain afghan were inspired by the Rockies! Rich blues, browns, terra cotta reds and greens... I made about 15 more squares on the trip!

We saw beautiful Native American sculpture at the Denver Botanical Garden (an amazing place)

The dogs played in a mountain stream

And here are some of my sketches from the trip: Eternal Journey into Bliss and Light Beyond the Mountain. Perhaps these will turn into paintings :)

Then.... next, we were off to the Oregon Coast, for a relaxing weekend. Mist covered the hill slightly, while the sun was out. Magical.

The dogs chased frisbees on the beach.

I love all the little cottages on the coast

low tide!

And now the garden is really beginning it's harvest. We have zucchini, lettuces, herbs, and cherries on the tree. Soon I hope the tomatoes will get red :) It is such an abundant world. I hope everyone is having a beautiful summer!

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  1. Love the colors you chose for the mountain afghan! The Rockies are such a majestic inspiration piece... wish I lived closer to them sometimes.