Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fabric Design Contest! Vote by Aug 31

Leaf Fancy Design , ©2011

I'm excited to share 6 new fabric designs I have created recently! And I've entered a fabric design contest with the opportunity of  receiving a design contract for printing/ producing these. It's based on voting, so vote for my designs by August 31!  The contest is hosted by Connecting Threads, and below are the direct links to my designs. See my patterns in the floral category on Page 9, in the geometric category on Page 5 and in the novelty category on Page 3. Thank you!!

Direct link to my patterns "Leaf Fancy" and Daisy Time" (top of page 9 in Floral category): http://www.connectingthreads.com/cfDesignContest/Entries.cfm?category=Floral_Botanical&startRow=145

Direct link to my patterns "Yarn Balls" and "Ice Cream Delight" in the Novelty category (near the top page 5): http://www.connectingthrea​ds.com/cfDesignContest/Ent​ries.cfm?category=Noveltie​s&startRow=37

Direct link to my patterns "Circle Dance" and "Ocean Waves" in the Geometric category (top of page 3): http://www.connectingthrea​ds.com/cfDesignContest/Ent​ries.cfm?category=Geometri​c_Decorative&startRow=73

Which one is your favorite?  :)
Yarn Balls ©2011

Daisy Time Design, ©2011

Circle Dance Design, ©2011
Ocean Waves Design, ©2011
Ice Cream Delight © 2011

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