Friday, May 4, 2012

Fast Moving Days and Aloha!

Radiance © 2012

A busy time recently, first working on new websites, new paintings and an article/interview and then off to Hawaii for 10 days in April! Above is one of my new pieces, Radiance, and three more paintings I'm about to finish I will post soon.  I'm excited to unveil the new websites I designed for artists, and one for a non-profit...

Also, I'm so excited to be featured in the May issue of Professional Artist Magazine. See the article on my website.

Our trip to Hawaii was absolutely incredible, we spent time on the Big Island (Hawaii), Kauai, and one day in Waikiki/Honolulu (Oahu). We went off the beaten path to see a lot of nature, animals, art and quilts, unique sites, and also to try local food, which is a delicious combination of asian/polynesian. My favorite was the poke, a raw fish and seaweed dish :)

condo in Kauai, oceanfront

Kauai, Waileua Falls

Kauai's Grand Canyon

Plumeria flower, National Tropical Botanical Gardens, Kauai

Many Hawaiian quilts feature flowers or breadfruit tree leaves, which symbolize abundance :)

Waikiki Beach, Honolulu
Endangered Nene goose, Hawaii's state bird
Pele's (Volcano Goddess) flower, the Lehua blossom
Pele's fiery caldera, Volcano National Park, Hawaii
Rainforest, Volcano National Park

And finally some Hawaii art/craft inspiration... I brought home this beautiful hibscus needlepoint canvas to stitch, quilt patterns in cross stitch, and art cards by visionary artist Francene Hart and Warren Rapozo, a contemporary hawaii painter.  When we got home, I started an ocean waves table runner in crochet inspired by the beautiful, mesmerizing oceans.  The table runner is small shell stitch, and the five shades of white and blues will repeat in rows. The pattern is from this book 280 Crochet Shell Patterns

And I found some gorgeous Hawaiian fabrics! Now to plan a hawaiian quilt with these.... I might use light yellow squares as spacers between the fabrics.

:)  Lots of Aloha to you!!  :)

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