Friday, May 27, 2011

My Studio

Here's a mini tour of my studio :)  It has two work tables, a computer desk, a closet, and a beautiful window that looks out to our garden. (Update: see my new studio since 2013 here)

I designed this quilt on the wall above my drawing table. The rainbow colors and spiral is a symbol of the beauty of life and growth.

Here's the view out my window! The lilac tree is in bloom, and our vegetable garden (in back by the fence) is beginning to sprout. It's inspiring to see everything grow, and change through the seasons.

Right now in my studio, I'm excited to be working on a new piece, 'Soulmates'.  Here's my first sketch on canvas for this piece. It's all about eternal love, balance, and spirit connection. A yin-yang is in the center of the heart to symbolize balance. They emerge from a magnolia tree, with its large blooms. A wild rose bush grows at the bottom of the tree. Birds flutter by a double rainbow in the clouds :)

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